What we do

on Pantheon

Flickerbox is a Strategic Pantheon Partner and we deliver enterprise level WordPress and Drupal experiences to our clients.

Platform services

Take advantage of the high performance of the Pantheon hosting platform to concentrate on your content and your product, and partner with Flickerbox to benefit from our knowledge and expertise in designing, building, and deploying enterprise level web experiences with Pantheon.

Git version control & CI/CD

We expedite the deployment of features and content for you. Pantheon’s integrated workflow and development tools are designed to reduce development time and proactively troubleshoot performance bottlenecks, ensuring a smooth project experience without disruptions.

On-demand cloud environments

In addition to robust CI/CD tooling, Pantheon offers on-demand development environments tailored to support large-scale projects effortlessly—from the initial design phase to seamless deployment. We are your experts in utilizing these tool sets to their fullest.

Google Analytics setup and tracking

We formulate analytics solutions that prioritize the information that matters most to you, with customized views, dashboards, and filters that eliminate unnecessary data clutter while preserving raw data for future use.

External API integrations

We can effortlessly integrate powerful marketing automation solutions such as Salesforce or Marketo, incorporate essential site features like Zendesk, seamlessly add career portals like Greenhouse to your website.

On-going maintenance

We facilitate ongoing site iterations and provide staff training as we collaboratively develop the essential content and features your business needs.

WordPress admin workflows

We craft the admin experience that empowers your internal marketing team to create compelling content that drives your business toward success.

WordPress plugin development

We specialize in creating tailor-made WordPress plugins to enhance your content and features.

User training

We ensure your staff remains well-informed about site updates and diligently document your site’s processes and mechanisms.

Site migration

Switch seamlessly from another host or CMS to benefit from Pantheon’s managed hosting environment, where we prioritize your team and developers at the core of our services.

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