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Google Analytics
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Unlock the full potential of your data. We ensure the correct configuration and maintenance of your tracking to help you achieve your business goals.

Google Analytics services

Most websites use Google Analytics to track page views and site metrics. However, few effectively extract accurate and actionable insights, and even fewer have a strategic, long-term approach to the metrics that impact their business.

At Flickerbox, we collaborate with you to set up and manage the critical metrics crucial for your business’s success. We customize Google Analytics to your specific needs, focusing on the metrics and business processes that truly matter to your organization.

  • Custom dashboards
  • Key performance indicators
  • Multiple properties
  • Goals, funnels, macro conversions, and micro conversions
  • Custom segments
  • Google Tag Manager (GTM) setup and integration
  • Granular site wide event tracking
  • Campaign integration with your sales flow
  • 3rd party integration tracking
  • Google Ads integration

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