Google Analytics with Flickerbox

Get the most from your data

Many, if not all, sites you visit will have Google Analytics behind the scenes tracking page views and metrics on their site. But very few are really able to get accurate and actionable data from GA, and even fewer have a long term plan for the metrics that matter to their business. We partner with you to configure and maintain the metrics that are key to your business success.

Google Analytics services

At Flickerbox we tailor Google Analytics to you. We look at the metrics and business flows that make a difference in your organization and work with you to track and improve them.

Custom dashboards

Key performance indicators

Granular site wide event tracking

Campaign integration for your sales flow

Google Tag Manager setup and integration

Multiple properties

Goals, funnels, macro conversions and micro conversions

Custom segments

3rd party integration tracking

3rd party integration tracking

Adwords integration

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