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Marketing automation
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We help you deliver the results you want with the tools you use and a process that enables your success.

Marketing automation services

Ensure your marketing automation investment delivers real results. Success hinges on strategy, process, implementation, and measurement that align with your goals. We specialize in crafting tailored workflows on platforms like Marketo, Salesforce, Hubspot, Pardot, Act-On, and more, to drive measurable success for your organization.


Just like each company is different, so should their strategy around their marketing automation. Stamping a template on your organization because it worked for another company is a recipe for failure. At Flickerbox we partner with you to achieve your goals rather than selling you a tool or a pre-packaged solution.

Content and assets

We partner with you on the long term strategy around the digital content and assets in your marketing automation to make sure the implementation takes into account future assets and needs.


Since we are platform and tool agnostic we are free to recommend and help you implement a solution in the tools that your organization can afford, can support and prefers.


Growth is a constant. At Flickerbox we work with you to manage your marketing automation investment so your processes work for you whether you have one employee running it or a hundred.


We work with you to document your workflows, integrations and data processes so bringing new employees up to speed and knowledge loss from key employees that have left your company is at a minimum.


Visibility is not just how many leads your got in, but how many leads you lost. How many forms didn’t convert. Visibility creates better decisions and more support from key people up and down your organization.


Companies are built around their people so in order to create a marketing automation implementation that works for your company it has to work for the people involved. It doesn’t mean the process can’t change or adapt, but the process is there to make their jobs easier not harder.


Your goals are specific to your initiative or campaign. In some cases it’s to drive traffic, in others it’s to increase free trial signups. What ever it is, we will work with you to focus and track your objectives.


Understanding how people will use the tools and workflows is as important as the assets themselves. This is critical for the initiative to have traction inside of an organization.


Workflows create a documented process by which people can see the steps required to create assets or to pass and track data.


Data collection, delivery, and analytics points are critical to understand how and what data will be used and where it will reside. This leads to cleaner data and faster decisions.


With a strategy and process in place we work with you to build and deploy your assets and campaigns and enable your team to effectively deliver a solution that fits your organization.

Content and assets

From forms to landing pages to templates, we work with you to ensure that your workflows cut down the time it takes to deploy new content or adjust the content you already have.

User experience

We help give your user a consistent feel across your assets no matter what platform they are delivered on.


Working within your brand guidelines and the platforms and tools of your organization, we help you design and build your assets and campaigns with an eye on templating and resusability.


Whether it’s a few campaigns or hundreds, we help you to organize and optimize asset designs to make the creation and upkeep of your marketing automation easier.


We help you build, route and notify customers, stakeholders and employees in accordance with rules you setup. Whether that’s in email, SMS or Slack.


The measurement of your marketing automation strategy is the key to the success of your initiative. If you don’t measure the effectiveness of your campaigns, assets, messages, landing pages, emails and ads than how can you make the necessary adjustments to ensure success? We work with you to target not only the metrics that are important to you, but the performance, optimization and the delivery of that information.


It could be clicks, likes, page views, signups, whitepaper downloads, or lead conversions, the metrics behind your initiative can be varied so having them laid out and available gives your team the visibility to know when things are working and when they’re not.


With so many great tools and platforms at your disposal, we work with you to center your decision around the data you want to get and the people in your organization that will be at the heart of it.


Optimization drives performance which drives better user experience across your assets and tools. We work with you to cut down the layers of data and tools to find the balance that works for you.


Whether it’s emails, dashboards, Slack notifications or raw data, getting actionable information about your initiatives when and where you want it drives better decisions and more support within your company.

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