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Helping you deliver the results you want with the tools you use and a process that works

Marketing automation can be the lifeblood of your sales pipeline or it can be an expensive and failed investment. The difference between success and failure has very little to do with the tools and platform you choose and everything to do with the strategy, process, implementation, and measurement of your marketing automation efforts to ensure they align with your organization’s goals and resources.

We help you create your own unique workflow in platforms like Marketo, Salesforce, Hubspot, Pardot, Act-On and others in order to achieve measurable success.


Just like each company is different, so should their strategy around their marketing automation. Stamping a template on your organization because it worked for another company is a recipe for failure. At Flickerbox we partner with you to achieve your goals rather than selling you a tool or a pre-packaged solution.


Companies are built around their people so in order to create a marketing automation implementation that works for your company it has to work for the people involved. It doesn’t mean the process can’t change or adapt, but the process is there to make their jobs easier not harder.


With a strategy and process in place we work with you to build and deploy your assets and campaigns and enable your team to effectively deliver a solution that fits your organization.


The measurement of your marketing automation strategy is the key to the success of your initiative. If you don’t measure the effectiveness of your campaigns, assets, messages, landing pages, emails and ads than how can you make the necessary adjustments to ensure success? We work with you to target not only the metrics that are important to you, but the performance, optimization and the delivery of that information.

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