Partner Story

Agari reinvents their web presence.

The challenge

Data driven marketing

How do APIs work for marketing? How do you turn a hundred million record dataset into a lead generation tool? How do you share that tool in a meaningful way? For Agari the answers to these questions was to partner with Flickerbox.

Flickerbox worked with both product and marketing to translate a mountain of data into an invaluable resource that helps tell the unique story of how Agari protects businesses, organizations, and governments against identity deception attacks.

The process

Visual storytelling to drive conversion

Agari knew the story their data could tell. Flickerbox helped bring that story to life by creating an api interface to the data and the tools needed to take advantage of it. The resulting solution opened up multiple opportunities for how Agari’s marketing team could use data powered solutions in both online and offline campaigns.

By leveraging the platform capabilities of Amazon Web Services, combined with custom Node.js and PostgreSQL development from Flickerbox, Agari now has the ability to provide Threat Center visuals and metrics across marketing campaigns.

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