Gutenberg + Flickerbox

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A lot has been said about the new WordPress editor Gutenberg, and opinions vary. The one thing everyone agrees on is that it brings significant change to the WordPress landscape. At Flickerbox we’ve been ahead of the curve on Gutenberg, helping our clients embrace WordPress’ new editor by developing some cool, and really custom, publishing experiences.

The promise of Gutenberg lies in it’s blocks. While our developers love this for it’s use of React for flexibility and code reusability, you’ll love it because it means your editor can be as unique as your workflow. It also means the editor is nimble enough to evolve with your content and adapt as your needs change.

This flexibility translates into a publishing experience that allows site content to cooperate with site design – allowing the two to work with one another – blurring the lines between medium and message instead of emphasizing gaps between them.

A tailored and easier publishing experience lets the editor get out of the way and allows you to focus on your content – leading to faster turnaround and more nimble content marketing. Let Flickerbox show you WordPress like you’ve never experienced.

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