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Agari Email Threat Center API


Email Threat Center API

How do APIs work for marketing? How do you turn a hundred million record dataset into a lead generation tool? How do you share that tool in a meaningful way? For Agari the answers to these questions was to partner with Flickerbox.

Flickerbox worked with both product and marketing to translate a mountain of data into an invaluable resource that helps tell the unique story of how Agari protects businesses, organizations, and governments against identity deception attacks.

Agari knew the story their data could tell. Flickerbox helped bring that story to life by creating an api interface to the data and the tools needed to take advantage of it. The resulting solution opened up multiple opportunities for how Agari’s marketing team could use data powered solutions in both online and offline campaigns.

By leveraging the platform capabilities of Amazon Web Services, combined with custom Node.js and PostgreSQL development from Flickerbox, Agari now has the ability to provide Threat Center visuals and metrics across marketing campaigns.

More than just charts. Flickerbox expanded the APIs application to marketing initiatives by creating editorial tools and portable scripts. Together these resources allow use of Threat Center data throughout Agari‚Äôs site, as well as through content marketing and third party websites. The net result is a collection of resources that magnifies Agari’s messaging around email threat protection while drawing visitors back to the Agari website.

If you’ve ever asked yourself what api integration could offer your marketing team Flickerbox can help.


  • Aggregate data visualization of 100+ million records through Amazon RDS
  • Granular chart and statistic social sharing and embedding
  • API configuration and management through Amazon API Gateway
  • Custom scalable Node.js business logic with Amazon Lambda
  • Custom Google Maps integration
  • Realtime API interactivity with Chart.js

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